Nodding syndrome (NS)
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Examples from the Web for nodding When he says something, nod; this nodding will induce him to agree with you.

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See also nod off , nod out. Derived forms of nod nodding , adjective , noun.


Word Origin for nod C14 nodde, of obscure origin. Program Details. What People Are Saying.

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Nodding definition is - bending downward or forward: drooping. How to use nodding in a sentence. A semi dreamlike state where an opiate user slips in and out of consciousnes.

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Immortal Diamond. Breathing Under Water. Online Conversation Guidelines. Richard Rohr, OFM. Shadow Work Nodding to the Shadow Wednesday, September 11, I want to emphasize that the shadow is not inherently evil or wrong; it varies from culture to culture.

Nodding makes you 30 percent more likable

Jungian psychotherapist Robert Johnson continues explaining how the shadow functions and how we might work with it: It is useful to think of the personality as a teeter-totter or see-saw. Johnson continues: The fulcrum, or center point, is the whole holy place. Posted in Daily Meditations Also tagged culture , ego , holiness , identity , Robert Johnson , shadow , wholeness. By , an estimated cases had been reported from this region. The Ministry of Health of South Sudan estimates the current burden of NS at between six and seven thousand cases, but no systematic large-scale prevalence study has been conducted.

The Mundri region in the northeast of Western Equatoria is the presumed epicentre for the disease. A community survey is underway in Uganda to determine the real burden of NS in the affected districts. Kaiser et al referred to a phenomenon of head nodding observed in the Kabarole District in Western Uganda as possibly constituting a feature of an epileptic syndrome caused by Onchocerca volvulus O.

Nodding in dis/agreement: a tale of two cultures.

The prevalence of both onchocerciasis and epilepsy in the areas affected by NS is high. The affected populations are impoverished and experience regular and prolonged periods of severe food shortages. In South Sudan and in northern Uganda, affected populations have a history of internal displacement and living in internally displaced persons IDPs camps.